The Top 10 Things Cats Hate and How to Deal With Them

Cats are cute, cuddly little creatures who can be perfect pets if they’re well trained and cared for properly. But there are plenty of things that cats absolutely hate, and these factors need to be taken into consideration if you want to own or adopt one of them. From the food they eat to their litter box habits, here are the top 10 things cats hate, with tips on how to deal with them responsibly.

1) Litter Boxes

Do your cats not seem so enthused about their litter box? It could be a sign of an underlying medical problem, but it’s also likely that you’re not cleaning it properly. Follow these instructions on how to clean your cat’s litter box like a pro.

2) Car rides

No matter how much you think Fido loves them, car rides can be stressful for cats. Noisy, fast-moving cars bring out a primal fear in felines, who see them as dangerous predators. To get your cat used to riding in a car, start with short trips where he stays in his carrier; gradually increase distances over time until he’s comfortable enough to hop into his seat without his feline security blanket.

3) Being forced to leave the house

In nature, cats hunt small prey. An indoor cat doesn’t have to worry about hunting, but that instinct is still there. While some cats love going outside and exploring, others prefer being at home with their humans. If your kitty loves being inside (and safe), allow him to explore when he wants by setting a timer for 15 minutes each hour so he can poke his head out of a door or window.

4) Allergies

Allergic cats are in for a rough ride. While there’s no way to remove allergens from your home (short of never letting Fluffy outside), you can help ease his discomfort with frequent baths. A little bit of dust and pollen can go a long way when it comes to making your cat’s fur all greasy, so be sure you wash him at least once per week.

5) Boredom

If you live with a cat, then you probably know how much they hate boredom. Of course, they’re cats, so they’ll often do their best to find ways to entertain themselves (some creative, some less so), but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for them.

6) Other dogs

Dogs are a fact of life for most pet owners, but sometimes you have no choice but to share your space with an other dog. The best way of approaching another dog is if they’re smaller than yours, don’t make eye contact with them. If they try to approach you then just walk away from them, don’t run. If it looks like it might kick off do not approach it, retreat until there is some distance between you both.

7) Bad smells

Your cat can’t stand stale air, so make sure you keep them in an environment that is free of bad smells. This will go a long way toward ensuring your cat doesn’t develop anxiety. Stale air occurs from, among other things, using old litter boxes or not cleaning them often enough. You should also make sure there are no unpleasant scents in your home that might be irritating your cat.

8) Not getting enough food

Feeding your cat on a schedule is beneficial in multiple ways. Not only will your cat start looking forward to eating each day, but they will also be less likely to beg while you’re trying to eat dinner! It can be hard finding quality cat food at an affordable price, so here are some tips for how you can feed your cat well without spending too much.

9) Loud noises

Whether it’s a motorcycle, kids playing outside or a music festival in your backyard, living near loud noises can cause stress for cats. It can be tough to avoid living near loud noises—but you can help your cat get used to them by exposing her to loud noises slowly over time. Start with some white noise (like rain or ocean sounds) or a fan running inside.

10) Lying in awkward positions

Because of their long bodies, cats are unable to fit into small spaces like beds and laps. Instead, they’ll often choose lying in more awkward positions such as in front of a door or on a table—places you wouldn’t think are ideal for rest. To make your cat more comfortable, provide them with many different warm places where they can take a nap.

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