The Top 10 Places to Visit in Africa

Africa may be the second largest continent in the world, but it’s home to some of the most varied scenery anywhere on Earth. Here are 10 of the top places to visit in Africa that highlight just how diverse the continent really is, from soaring mountains to warm beaches to tranquil lakes and rivers, you’ll find it all across this vast and beautiful land. Don’t leave without checking out these 10 amazing travel destinations in Africa!

1) Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca has a lot of history and culture. Casablanca is probably most known for being featured in one of Humphrey Bogart’s famous movies, but there’s so much more. When visiting Casablanca, travelers should check out Hassan II Mosque and Jewish museum, if they can fit it into their schedule (both are quite a bit of walking). At night there are also some great restaurants that you can enjoy while checking out the view!

2) Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is one of Africa’s fastest-growing cities, with a burgeoning infrastructure and a red-hot real estate market. In recent years, Nairobi has also become a travel hub and international home base for many companies looking to do business on the continent. Many people don’t realize it, but Kenya is actually East Africa’s most populous country; more than half of Kenya’s population lives in Nairobi.

3) Cape Town, South Africa

If you haven’t been to Cape Town, South Africa, it’s definitely on your list of places to visit. This city is a hot destination for travelers from all over because it offers beautiful beaches, tons of adventure sports and activities, amazing dining experiences, and historical sites like Robben Island. If you get lucky enough to be there during one of their many festivals or events (like Carnival) your trip will be even more memorable.

4) Accra, Ghana

Located on the Gulf of Guinea, Accra is known for its lush palm tree-lined beaches and historic sites. The city is also a mecca for tourists and home to an array of museums and galleries. Kaya FM, one of Ghana’s most popular radio stations, broadcasts out of Accra’s Greater Accra region.

5) Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is a bustling city on the coast of Nigeria. Known as one of most densely populated cities in Africa, Lagos also has beautiful beaches and historical sites that are worth checking out. If you’re planning on visiting Nigeria, it might be a good idea to start here. Of course, make sure you don’t get yourself mixed up with lashing rains and torrential storms!

6) Dakar, Senegal

This city is full of culture and art. Since it’s located on the coast, it’s also a great spot for relaxation. If you’re into surfing, sunbathing or partying at night, Dakar is a perfect destination for you. The city is situated next to one of Africa’s best beaches: Leopold Sedar Senghor Beach. You can enjoy some amazing views from here.

7) Kampala, Uganda

The Ugandan capital is less than two hours from both national parks, Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth, making it a great base for exploring Uganda’s wildlife. In addition to two world-class national parks, Kampala also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene and some of East Africa’s best shopping malls.

8) Johannesburg, South Africa

There’s a reason why Johannesburg is home to so many companies: Its infrastructure and business-friendly atmosphere make it an excellent spot for entrepreneurs. This country is working hard on its environmental policies, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have plenty of natural beauty—from Table Mountain National Park and Kruger National Park to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years in prison.

9) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The capital of Ethiopia is considered by many as one of the most beautiful cities in all of Africa. Its rich history, diversity and breathtaking scenery make it a popular tourist destination for travelers. Plus, its location between two massive lakes – Lake Abaya and Lake Tana – makes it a sightseer’s paradise. Addis Ababa also has a vibrant nightlife scene for those who aren’t afraid to party!

10) Cairo, Egypt

Although considered by many a gritty, chaotic city, Cairo has charm—and don’t discount its importance as an African capital. The Pyramids of Giza, one of Egypt’s biggest tourist draws and a World Heritage Site, are located just outside Cairo. Walk through Khan el-Khalili bazaar for shopping or stop at El Sayyida Zeinab Mosque; both are historic and worth exploring on your trip.

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