Dark Web Mysteries: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

The Dark Web has been making headlines as of late, and many people have questions about what it really is, how it works, and why the media keeps talking about it. The reality of the situation is that the Dark Web isn’t nearly as scary as it seems. It’s simply a collection of websites that are inaccessible to most people without special software, in much the same way that you can’t visit Facebook without having to install special software onto your device first.

1) A Businessman’s Haven

The term Dark Web or Deep Net is often used to describe a collection of websites that can’t be found on search engines. They have been called a professional businessman’s haven. On such sites, goods and services are traded using digital currencies (bitcoin, for example). The buyers in these cases tend to be professionals and managers of large companies. One of their reasons for buying is making sure they don’t get noticed by anyone in management.

2) Information, Drugs, and Assassinations

The dark web is not all it’s cracked up to be. There are some legitimate reasons for accessing it, but there are just as many illegitimate and illegal activities that can take place on these underground corners of the internet. Some call them underbelly of society, while others simply refer to them as a crime haven. If you use or plan to use Tor, then you should know what it really means and what people are using it for today.

3) Cybercriminals Thrive on Anonymity

While Tor and other dark web services are often used by activists, journalists, and people living under oppressive regimes to avoid censorship or violence, they’re also a haven for cybercriminals. And these crooks have been so successful in hiding their identities that very few people have ever been caught for selling illegal products on dark web marketplaces. So what does it take to bring one of these criminals down? Well…

4) Government Sites

Government sites are a good way to access content you might not otherwise be able to access. This is usually done through Tor, which allows you to browse anonymously. Here are a few government sites that will help you in your research efforts.

5) Censorship?

Have you ever wondered why certain websites and content are blocked in countries like China, or some Middle Eastern states? The first time I heard about The Great Firewall of China it was from a friend who had been traveling there.

6) Digital Fingerprints?

Every time you visit a website, your IP address is logged. If you want to remain anonymous online, stay away from any websites that require registration or provide a guestbook. Also, be careful about posting in forums (the comment function on blogs or on other sites like YouTube) — and just about everything else you do in cyberspace. Your digital fingerprint might follow you everywhere if you aren’t careful about how often and where you surf.

7) Collecting Bitcoins

The currency of choice for many transactions on Dark Web marketplaces is Bitcoin. However, it’s probably not wise to start mining Bitcoins just yet, as they can be quite costly in terms of electricity consumption (and you don’t want your place blowing up in a fiery ball of smoke). The easiest way to collect Bitcoins for now is by buying them off an exchange.

8) Tor Hidden Services Explained

Tor Hidden Services are websites hosted on Tor’s Onion Network. These services use .onion domain names (instead of regular http:// addresses), and in order to visit them, you need to be connected to Tor. When you connect to a .onion site through Tor, your IP address is concealed and replaced with another one, making it impossible for someone watching your Internet connection to tell what sites you are visiting or where in the world you are located.

9) Search Engines Like DuckDuckGo

In 2015, DuckDuckGo reported that Google made up 87.9% of their search traffic. The dark web isn’t as well-known as Google, but it is huge! This means there are plenty of potential customers out there just waiting to be found via search engines like DuckDuckGo.

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