Amazon Prime Video: The best Julia Roberts dramas available on the platform

Julia Roberts, 54, is one of the most popular actresses of the last decade. She also has a vast filmography. We will be sharing four dramas on Amazon Prime Video, and we will tell you all there is to know. For more details, click here.

Enjoy four dramas featuring Julia Roberts’ talent on Amazon Prime Video

The secrets of obsession

This story is well-known to many, particularly the Latin American and Argentine public. It is an American adaptation of The Secret in Their Eyes by Juan Jose Campanella, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

Img While it is true that the film contains elements of suspense and thriller, both versions contain a lot more drama, particularly in relation to the personal and familial histories of the main characters. Julia Roberts is part of a cast that includes Nicole Kidman, Chiwetel Eljiofor and Alfred Molina.

Please come back to me

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Return to Me is a story about a teenager who has become addicted and shows up unexpectedly at his parents’ home on Christmas Eve to test his mother’s, unconditional love.

American actress, Jennifer Aniston, plays exactly this role. Lucas Hedges (Lady Bird Manchester by the Sea) plays the role of the son. Hedges is in fact the son of Peter Hedges, the film’s director.

The Garden is home to Fireflies

It is also known in Spanish as Fireflies in the Garden or Family Portrait. Julia Roberts plays the protagonist.

Fireflies in The Garden is the story of the Taylors. They are a typical American family that seems to have no drama. But everything changes when an unfortunate accident closes in on them and exposes a lot of painful and old secrets. The play’s cast includes Willem Dafoe and Emily Watson, as well as Ryan Reynolds.

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This is the perfect recommendation for series fans. Homecoming has two seasons and 17 episodes. Julia Roberts is able to shine in a new format, which is off the big screen.

Roberts portrays a woman who works in a military organization that helps soldiers integrate into civilian life. Heidi, her character, now realizes that not everything is as it seems.

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