15 Top Studio Ghibli Characters Anime Of All Time

Without their characters, the incredible worlds of Ghibli & Miyazaki wouldn’t be possible.

There are many characters that you will love in so many amazing films.

We’ll be looking at the best of them, whether they are human or not. I also have some creative personalities that I think are some of the most impressive the studio has to offer.

15. Nausicaa

She is the Princess of the Valley of the Wind and the only child of King Jhil.

As she navigates her Mehve through valleys and jungles, her unique personality and attitude earned her the nickname “The Blue Clad One”.

Despite being young, she is incredibly intelligent and wise. She is strong and independent but also a good friend to others.

An unforgettable character that will be remembered by all who see him.

14. Ashitaka

Princess Mononoke is actually Ashitaka, despite the title.

He is a late-teenager who has a stubborn and strict personality in pursuit of his goals.

Although he can be brutal and ruthless, he is also a compassionate person with a utilitarian outlook. He is determined to protect nature and humanity and his loyalty to both causes him to struggle throughout the film.

Even though he is overshadowed somewhat by the title character, he’s an incredibly competent and assertive protagonist.

13. Totoro

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Totoro yet?

His distinctive and whimsical design combined with his quiet, drowsy personality made him a beloved member of the Ghibli cast.

Their entire identity revolves around the iconography of My Neighbor Toto.

If I have ever seen one, this Ghibli character is a legend. The design is easily recognisable by even non-anime lovers.

12. Howl Jenkins Pendragon

It is really difficult to, not like Howl.

His design is amazing, from the coat to his golden locks and even his lodgings.

Howl is also very powerful. You can teleport almost instantly and metamorphose into any creature.

However, his amazing magic transforms him slowly into a beast with claws, black feathers, and a lot more.

He’s an intriguing character, especially in novels. His voice actor is enthusiastic and he has a unique personality.

11. Sheeta

sheeta studio ghibli

Lusheeta Toel Ul Laputa, the descendant princess of Laputa, is the possessor of the Aetherium Crystal. This puts her on the run and she accidentally meets Pazu, who is also looking for Laputa.

They become friends and work together in one of the most innovative anime films.

She has a simple, quiet appearance and is reserved.

She asserts her royal status throughout the film, despite it. She also demonstrates her love for the floating Castle, Laputa.

10. Yubaba

Yubaba smoking a cigarette with a look of glee

Studio Ghibli

It’s not hard to see why she’s the film’s antagonist. You just want her to die for the way she treated Chihiro, Haku, and many other people. I loved the fact that her baby Boh, her overbearing mother, stands up to her. Also, we see other bath workers celebrating Chihiro’s victory over this big-headed granny.

9. Aogaeru

Aogaeru the frog spirit talking to No-face as he entices him with some gold

Studio Ghibli

This greedy little frog spirit, which is only the beginning of things for young Chihiro, is just the beginning. It’s a bit satisfying to see him get swallowed whole and eaten by No-Face. However, his greed causes NoFace to become so out of control that it swallows up all the spirits it has. I found this little slime ball annoying and it is at the top.

8. Robots

Chichiyaku trying to eavesdrop on a conversation

Studio Ghibli

Robots of Laputa can be as natural and organic as they are automatic and mechanical.

These humanoid titans are capable of flying and firing lasers and were created to defend the anachronistic castle. Their design is amazing, futuristic and rustic.

Fun fact: They also appeared in the Miyazaki-directed Lupin 3rd: Castle of Caliostro


Boh standing up towering over somebody

Studio Ghibli

Boh starts out as a selfish, spoiled, germophobe at the beginning. But after his adventures with Chihiro, Haku, and which include being turned into a mouse by Haku, we see him standing up for Yubaba and becoming self-sufficient. It can be very humbling to be transformed into a mouse after having been a giant baby.

6. Zeniba

Zeniba hugging Chihiro

Studio Ghibli

It is understandable that we feel suspicious about Yubaba’s character, considering how Yubaba’s twin is introduced to us. She was quite vicious about finding her Golden Seal and threatened Chihiro. All of this changes when we see her kindness and mercy as Chihiro returns her Golden Seal for Haku and offers to be her apprentice, a reformed No Face. We were able see the kind old granny Yubaba was missing.

5. No-Face

no face studio ghibliNo-Face looking down trying to communicate with Chihiro

Studio Ghibli

This semi-translucent, grunting spirit caused some havoc after being tainted in greedy spirits. He foolishly believed that this behavior would win Chihiro friendship and company. After swallowing many spirits and causing much destruction in the bathroom, we realize that the spirits it consumed, particularly Aogaeru, were responsible for his greedy and aggressive behavior. After being cleansed from all spirits, the animal returns to its docile and obedient behavior. It is then offered an apprenticeship by Zeniba.


Kamaji working the boiler

Studio Ghibli

Although this boiler worker-like spider initially refuses to help Chihiro at first, he soon becomes an ally and claims to be her grandfather to help her get a job so that she doesn’t become an animal like her parents. We also see him assist Haku in his injuries and give Chihiro tickets to Zeniba. Like many others, his experience with Chihiro changed him and I am happy to see him transform from Groucho to a softie towards the end.

3. Lin

Lin ducking through a small doorway with food in handLin

Studio Ghibli

This protective side-character made sure to help Chihiro even though she was reluctant at first. Her kindhearted personality is what protects Chihiro against the River Spirit. Even though she was bribed, Chihiro managed to sneak to Yubaba and get herself a job. This motherly figure guides Chihiro from the beginning and helps her follow her path.


hakuHaku looking at someone

Studio Ghibli

Haku, Chihiro’s first ally, tries quickly to save him from being trapped and making him invisible when he meets the human. He shows loyalty to his human friend throughout his adventures with Chihiro. He proves to be Chihiro’s best friend in this land of spirits, even though he is not trusted by others spirits. We learn about his tragic past, and insist that Chihiro never forgets her true name. Yubaba has kept him enslaved. His dragon form and power are a great display of his badassery, but his heart won him over and made him one of my favorite characters.

1.Chihiro Ogino

Chihiro looking at someone

Studio Ghibli

The movie’s main character shows how resilient young girls can become. She must save her parents from their recklessness. She goes through many trials of adversity including getting a job, helping No-Face and the River Spirit from destroying the bathhouse, and saving Haku. Chihiro is the untraditional hero we all need. As with many Hayao Miyazaki films, he portrays a strong female character. Spirited Away Chihiro Ogino is the best.

What did your opinion of my ranking look like? Is it? Spirited Away your favorite Studio Ghibli film? If not, what is? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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