10 Easy DIY Projects For School That Will Impress Your Teachers

Are you in school and struggling to come up with new ideas for projects? If so, you’re not alone! Many students feel stuck when trying to think of interesting topics to research and complete during their free time—especially if they’re busy with sports, extracurricular activities, or simply catching up on their sleep from staying out late at night with friends. Never fear, though—we’ve found some DIY projects that are easy enough for anyone to complete, and that will have you impressing your teachers in no time! Here are ten easy DIY projects for school that will impress your teachers!

1) Cute Pencil Case

Want to feel more organized at school? Make a cute pencil case with just two Ziploc bags, scissors, and tape. Simply cut off two corners of each bag, then tape them together! When you’re finished, you’ll have a great storage container for all your pens and pencils. If you like to color-code your supplies, you can also make a separate pouch for markers and crayons. We love how colorful these pouches look on backpacks or in purses!

2) Super Simple Pen Holder

All you need is a small pop bottle, some tape, and a pencil to turn a recyclable plastic bottle into an awesome desk accessory. You’ll make your teacher (and probably all of your classmates) very happy by bringing in something totally unique that they might not have thought of themselves. We recommend using water bottles because they come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s up to you! The end result will look great on any desk!

3) Create a Wish Wall

Make a simple wish wall where students can write down their hopes and dreams. Let them know they can come back to it at any time, but they should try to do so at least once a month. Also, remind them that these are their wishes and dreams—not tasks or demands.

4) Organize Your Notebooks with Binder Clips

Not only are binder clips super useful for securing loose papers, they’re also great for holding notebooks together. Binder clips come in multiple sizes and can be purchased cheaply at any office supply store, so you have no excuse not to get your own back-to-school project started! Or, if you already have a million binder clips lying around (yes, we all do), see if your school has recycling bins that take them.

5) Make An Old Purse Into A Wallet

Here’s an easy project for a busy weeknight. Take an old purse and use some scrap fabric to make it into a beautiful wallet that is perfect for carrying your driver’s license, credit cards, cash and a bit of makeup. You can also customize it with paint or cute buttons on top!

6) Refillable Water Bottle Carrier

Water bottles can be tough to manage if you have to drag them around from class to class. Instead of dropping and leaving your water bottle every time you need to go somewhere, why not use a refillable water bottle carrier? This way, you’ll have easy access to water wherever you are and won’t leave your precious drink lying around school all day.

7) Scented Stationary Set

This DIY project makes for a lovely gift for teachers. Packaged in cute little glass jars, homemade scented note cards make for a great way to say thank you. All you need are some scrapbooking supplies and a trip to your local craft store. Choose scents that complement your teacher’s personality!

8) Feed The Class Petals Instead Of Candy On Valentine’s Day

There are so many great school-friendly do-it-yourself projects out there, but let’s be honest: Valentine’s Day has become overpriced and overdone. Instead of buying your kid an overpriced box of chocolates, think about doing something really cool for him or her – like using LEGO pieces to build a replica of their classroom! All it takes is a little time and some simple materials.

9) Creative Bookmark Holder

If you’re getting tired of bookmarks that seem to disappear, consider making a bookmark holder. These holders are easy to make out of items you may already have around your house. Paperclips can be attached together with a rubber band or twine, or even just taped together if you don’t have either of those things lying around. You can also cut up an index card into long strips and then tape them all together to create a huge book-marking strip.

10) Diy Candy Jar

This charming project is an easy way to bring a little fun into your classroom. What teacher doesn’t love candy? The best part about making a candy jar is that you can customize it to fit any theme, color or seasonal celebration that you want. To make one, simply head to your local craft store and buy some paint and paper mache letters. Once you’ve got those supplies in hand, decorate and fill your jar with M&Ms or other colored candies of your choice.

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