10 Celebrity Deaths That Still Have No Clear Explanation

When someone famous dies, especially when it’s a celebrity, there’s always plenty of speculation about what caused their death. And sometimes the causes are just as mysterious as you might expect: we still don’t know exactly how 10 celebrities died despite all the best efforts of investigative journalists and conspiracy theorists worldwide. Check out these 10 celebrities who died under mysterious circumstances and still have no clear explanation behind their deaths.

Michael Jackson: How the King of Pop Died

It’s still a mystery as to what killed Michael Jackson. The King of Pop was no stranger to prescription drugs, and he reportedly died of acute propofol intoxication—the same drug that killed singer Amy Winehouse in 2011. But according to his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson self-administered propofol while Murray was out of the room attending to other matters. With no witnesses and only circumstantial evidence at hand, officials were unable to charge Murray with anything more than involuntary manslaughter.

Kurt Cobain: Why Was There Bleach in His System?

Kurt Cobain was an iconic rock star who, unfortunately, died at age 27. Although his death was ruled a suicide, there have been a number of conspiracy theories as to what really happened in those final moments. For one thing, Cobain’s body contained a large amount of heroin and traces of Valium—drugs that can cause respiratory failure.

Bruce Lee: How Did The Dragon Die?

Famed martial artist Bruce Lee died of a brain edema on July 20, 1973. He had complained of headaches and stomach pain earlier that day, and was rushed to a hospital where he fell into a coma and later died. The cause of death was deemed an accident, but conspiracy theorists have put forth their own theories about what happened to him. Some believe he was poisoned by carbon monoxide from his water heater; others suspect medical malpractice or foul play.

Tupac Shakur: Was He Murdered?

The rapper’s death is one of America’s most famous unsolved mysteries. Shakur was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. The official story says it was a random robbery, but other theories abound: that he was working with an FBI informant and told someone too much; that his fellow West Coast gangsta rappers Biggie Smalls and Suge Knight had something to do with it; or simply that he faked his own death and lives on somewhere under another name.

Heath Ledger: What Led to His Shocking Death?

When Ledger died in January 2008, at age 28, of an accidental prescription drug overdose, it was shocking. Many wondered how an actor who appeared to be on top of his game could wind up dead from a variety of prescription drugs. But was there more to Heath Ledger’s death than just a string of bad luck? A few rumors have cropped up that help explain what might have caused his sudden death.

Chris Benoit: Did He Kill His Family Before Killing Himself?

On June 22, 2007, wrestling superstar Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son before killing himself in his Georgia home. Though Benoit had been prescribed testosterone and other performance-enhancing drugs, he never tested positive for steroids during a three-year span before these murders. It is speculated that perhaps one of those drugs may have contributed to his murderous rage.

Frank Sinatra, Jr.: How Could Such A Healthy Young Man Die So Quickly?

On his 72nd birthday, Frank Sinatra Jr. told his wife that he was going to lie down for a few minutes and would then meet her at home. He had only made it ten feet before he collapsed in cardiac arrest. At first it was thought that Frank Sinatra Jr., who seemed perfectly healthy otherwise, might have been suffering from a heart attack or some other medical issue.

Marilyn Monroe’s Suicide: Did She Really Kill Herself or Was She Murdered?

Monroe’s death was suspicious from the start. She was found nude, with a telephone receiver in one hand and barbiturates scattered around her body. Her psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, thought she had been murdered because he found multiple bruises on her body that weren’t caused by natural causes. He also didn’t believe Monroe would have voluntarily taken all of those pills—especially not while she was alone in her home with no witnesses present.

Anna Nicole Smith – Did She Overdose on Her Medication or Was She Poisoned by a Foe?

Anna Nicole Smith was just a year older than her son, Daniel. She was 20 years his senior, but they were still close. And now, he’s lost her forever. On Feb. 8, 2007—five years ago today—Anna died from an overdose of prescription medication at a hotel in Hollywood, Florida. There have been rumors that she wasn’t alone when she died and that foul play may have contributed to her death.

Natalie Wood – Did Husband Robert Wagner Push Her Off the Yacht into the Water After A Fight Or Did She Jump Intentionally?

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner were both in their early 30s when they met in 1957 on a movie set. They married just three years later, making them one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples. After five years of marriage, Wood claimed that Wagner struck her with his hand while he was driving and she suffered a black eye. The two never reconciled after that incident and divorced in 1962.

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